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Immediate Dentin Sealing with Self-etch Dentin Bonding Agent for Indirect Restoration

Publicado em: Nov/Dez 2017

Revista: World Journal of Dentistry

Autores: Murillo M. Leite, Dhiogo R. de Souza, Marco A. Carvalho, Lawrence G. Lopes, Érica M. de Torres


This case report describes the immediate dentin sealing (IDS) technique with self-etch dentin bonding agent (DBA) for indirect restorations. To avoid problems related to dentin exposure when preparing teeth for indirect restorations, the sealing of the dentin immediately after preparation and before impression has been recommended. The IDS technique with self-etch DBA prevents the patient from inconveniences associated with dentin demineralization by phosphoric acid in the traditional total-etch technique. The case report presented describes the indirect restoration of the right upper first molar using the IDS technique with a self-etch DBA covered with a low-viscosity composite resin. The lithium disilicate glass ceramic restoration was obtained with a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. Selective enamel etching occurred before cementation with resin cement. A follow-up of 15 months revealed success of the treatment and lack of sensitivity. The incorporation of IDS with indirect restoring teeth adhesively may provide better marginal fit, reduce marginal infiltration, protect the dentin–pulp complex, reduce postoperative sensitivity, bring more comfort to the patient, and is long-lasting to the restored teeth.


Dentin bonding agents, Denture partial fixed, Resin cements
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Artigo Científico

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