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Four-year follow up of a polymethyl methacrylate-based bone cement graft for prtimizing esthetics in maxillary anterior implants: a case report

Publicado em: Jul/Ago 2017

Revista: General Dentistry

Autores: Érica M. de Torres, Luis Fernando Naldi, Karina de Oliveira Bernardes, Alexandre Leite Carvalho


Tooth loss promotes bone and gingival tissue remodeling, thus breaking the harmony between the residual ridge and natural teeth. This is critical in the anterior region of the mouth, and the integration of several dental specialities is often essential to successful rehabilitation with implants. This article describes a multidisciplinary approach to implant-supported oral rehabilitation in the maxillary anterior region, presenting a new technique for optimizing esthetics in implants. A 19-year-old woman was missing her central and lateral incisors and had 2 dental implants in the lateral incisor sites. The patient exhibited deficient thickness of the alveolar edge, loss of lip support, and absence of gingival architecture, and the implants were improperly placed. A multidisciplinary team created a correct emergence profile through a polymethyl methacrylate-based bone cement graft along with connective tissue grafts. This technique may be a useful therapeutic adjunct in dental implantology, showing good predictability and regular healing procedures.


Biocompatible materials, bone cement, dental implants, esthetics, polymethyl methacrylate
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